Privacy Policy

Protecting the security and privacy of users’ personal data is very important to Stay Clothes.

To gain access to the Stay Clothes website and make use of the relating services (such as posting advertisements, concluding transactions, subscribing to one of the newsletters, etc.) every user is asked to share certain personal data with Stay Clothes and/or a third party they request help from for a service (for example, the online payment service). These data, can vary from case to case and can consist of the user’s name, surname, address, e-mail address, telephone number, fax number, user name or identifier, password, credit card or bank card details, delivery information, invoice details, correspondence and conversations on our website and transactions (such as the advertisements the user creates and the data linked to the user’s Stay Clothes account) as well as user history, etc. If the user does not share some or all of these data, it is possible that the user does not have access to this website nor to the relating services or that they only have limited access.

In addition, should the user be a professional retailer, they might be legally required to share more data (such as their name and geographic location). In that case it’s the retailer’s responsibility to fully comply with the legal provisions that apply.

The personal data that are shared with Stay Clothes are not disclosed to third parties for marketing purposes without prior permission from the user concerned. In addition, this information is stored and processed on servers in Ireland. Stay Clothes make sure that access to these servers is heavily secured both physically and electronically. We cannot however exclude the possibility that, in spite of all Stay Clothes’ efforts, third parties that are not authorized could succeed in accessing this information and use it for illegal purposes or abuse it.

The password a user chooses to register on Stay Clothes will give the user access to their account. Stay Clothes always request every user to not share this password with any person. If the user discards this advice, they might be held responsible if actions are performed by a third party from their account. If the user does not remember their password or they think the confidentiality of the password might be compromised, it is also their responsibility to notify Stay Clothes as quickly as possible to register a new password. Stay Clothes Inc is responsible for processing the personal data communicated to them by the users of the Stay Clothes site. Third parties might be entrusted with processing personal data. In any case, Stay Clothes will take every possible measure to ensure the personal data are processed securely.

The personal data that the user shares with Stay Clothes, will be, depending on the situation, used to offer the user access to the website and the relating services as well as to respond to the user’s messages to Stay Clothes and in general to carry out the contract between the user and Stay Clothes and for statistical and marketing purposes. The aforementioned allows Stay Clothes to deliver the services relating to its site, to settle disputes, to proceed with the invoicing as agreed, to customize its services, in terms of content and advertisements, to prevent any forbidden or illegal activity on its website and to ensure the application of the terms and conditions, etc. It is under these conditions that Stay Clothes are occasionally required to communicate these data to the platform operator as well as other people the user concerned requested it be sent to, maybe the legal and administrative authorities and the ones right holders who ask the user, to the extent that they can justify their rights and demands in accordance with the legal provisions that apply.

In addition, Stay Clothes do not have any control over the personal data a user decides to share with another user, nor do they have any control over the privacy policies adopted by third parties who are called upon when making use of the services linked to the site (for example, the online payment system). It is therefore possible that the user is also subject to regulations of third parties. In this case, Stay Clothes recommend the user to thoroughly read through these regulations before sharing any personal data.

The Stay Clothes site and the relating services can make use of « cookies » that are small files which are stored on a user’s hard drive. Cookies are used to make it possible or easier to send electronic information via the network used by remembering, for example, that the user has chosen a particular language or has accepted certain conditions, etc. This way the user does not have to do everything all over again every time they log on. The user is, however, free to configure their web browser the way they want to in terms of cookies and can even delete them. However, when the user chooses to refuse or delete cookies, it is possible that certain web pages from the site and relating services are not displayed correctly and can even become inaccessible.

The current Privacy Policy is governed and construed in accordance with Belgian law. This policy is subject to change. Unless expressly provided otherwise, these new provisions will enter into effect on the date they are posted on the Stay Clothes website. The users who have a Stay Clothes account will receive an e-mail in their account informing them of all the changes made to the privacy policy.

Every user can exercise their right of access and rectification as well as their rights to object ,if necessary, by sending a request in writing, signed and dated with a copy of both sides of their ID, to Stay Clothes by e-mail to info@stay-clothes.com ( with the scanned documents attached). In case of an electronic ID card, the user has to enclose an official document of residence. Every user can also object to the use of their personal data for direct marketing purposes following the abovementioned procedure.